Your Personal Photographer

Need your own Personal Photographer?

I am your personal photographer during your scheduled photography session(s).  The images that are created will be inspired by your input – tell me what you are looking for:

  • formal images with a sense of location or group or brand?
  • casual images simply inviting the viewer to relax with you?

  • outrageous fun as your group embarks on a wonderful outing or activity?

  • simple portraits at a favorite location?

  • serious, reflective, private portrait moments?

  • images capturing your passionate engagement in some activity? sport? work?

  • the lighter side of family life?   in the moment moments?

You (my customers) decide – I simply use your input to guide our session as we capture your special moments.  Please use this contact form to schedule a time to discuss your photography needs.

More about Having a Personal/Family Photographer

We all experience milestone events but not all of us are fortunate enough to have someone willing and able to help us record them – of course at a reasonable price.  As a service provider I have found that I really enjoy working with my clients but I really, really enjoy working with families (large, small or just getting started.)   As you view the portraits on this web you may notice that folks seem to be really enjoying themselves – this is how things work out – I have great time working with my clients and they have almost as good a time.  🙂

Personal Photography – Documenting Life’s Milestones like:

  • engagements

  • weddings &  elopements

  • first child, grand-child

  • seniors/graduations

And don’t forget:

  • vacations

  • pets

  • other special family gatherings

I am happy to provide a quote or answer any questions that you might have.  Please use this contact form to reach me.

Your personal photographer

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