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Tybee Island as Hurricane Irene Passes

Hurricane Irene passed the Georgia coast on August 26, 2011.  This appears to be a record-setting storm which may have significant impacts from North Carolina to Maryland (pretty much all of the northeast coast of the US.)

8/26/2011 – these images were captured during the early AM (the tide was high.)  Note that swimming was banned while this storm passed but surfing with tethered boards was permitted.  Surfers started entering the water around sunrise.  Winds were gusting to ~25 Mph (per my hand-held anemometer) and seas were ‘rough’.



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Some new Tybee Island Family Photos

The slide show below contains sample images from family beach photo sessions during the Spring/Summer of 2011 on Tybee Island, Ga (USA.)  Move your mouse over the images to change viewing options – full-screen viewing is suggested.