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Savannah Sunset with Amphibian Air

I just happened to be in a good spot at the right time for these images…

Dave with Amphibian Air offers a unique, and for some, a ‘bucket list’ experience;  add a coastal sunset and you have a memorable feast for your senses…  (Yes, I have flown with Dave – super guy!)

Note – All of the photos in this set are ‘out-of-the-camera’ – no edits have been done; some images are either over or under-exposed;  any prints from this set will be darker than what is seen on your screen…  Please contact me if you are interested in a custom print.

Also, the seagulls are ‘real’ – they happened to show up at the ‘right time’…

Spring Flowers in Savannah

Spring flowers captured in the Savannah Botanical Gardens, March to April of 2011 (Azaleas to Roses.)  Note that the venue is available for private events including weddings – while I am sure that there is plenty of color year round, the spring provides exceptional variety in flowering plants with a peak in April (my guess – I will continue to visit to confirm.)