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Coastal Georgia Image Galleries

I have completed some edits for my ‘From the Air’ series that include images of coastal Georgia – these sets were captured near Savannah, Ga.  Visit additional coastal Georgia image galleries.

The creative editing process that I am using includes B&W ‘conversions’ along with ‘water color’ effects.  Some images are presented using both approaches but the galleries are separated based on the development approach.   The images are intentionally ‘soft’ with the color images having additional ‘softening’ applied.

The marshes, rivers,  and creeks present a fractal-like set of patterns that strongly contrast the visual impact that we have with our man-made structures.

Coastal Georgia – B&W Set 01

Coastal Georgia – Color Set 01

Sample Image Gallery: Savannah

This is a small set of photos created in the Savannah area – please visit my photography services web site for additional images (Flash slide shows.)

[imagebrowser id=1]

Please contact me if you need a photographer in Savannah during your visit.  I am also available for nearby Tybee Island as well as Hilton Head Island (in South Carolina.)