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Savannah Sunset with Amphibian Air

I just happened to be in a good spot at the right time for these images…

Dave with Amphibian Air offers a unique, and for some, a ‘bucket list’ experience;  add a coastal sunset and you have a memorable feast for your senses…  (Yes, I have flown with Dave – super guy!)

Note – All of the photos in this set are ‘out-of-the-camera’ – no edits have been done; some images are either over or under-exposed;  any prints from this set will be darker than what is seen on your screen…  Please contact me if you are interested in a custom print.

Also, the seagulls are ‘real’ – they happened to show up at the ‘right time’…

Spring Garden in Savannah

The Savannah Botanical Garden presents a wonderful spring environment starting in March (Azaleas) into May (Roses.) In addition, the historic farm house is also an interesting visit. The site is ‘open’ during daylight hours – the farm house schedule varies.

The slide show below has many options (including ‘full screen’ view) – select the ‘play’ button to explore the options.  Images were captured during March and April of 2011 – time of day also varies.