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Your request is important to me – Please use the comment or contact form to reach me via the Internet.  If your call goes to voice-mail then please consider also posting a comment or contact request here.  If you are making arrangements for a third party then please indicate this with your information (i.e. travel agents, wedding planners, or other professionals assisting clients.)

Using the boxes below please provide as much information as possible.  I will respond with a phone call or an email.

  • Please include either a specific date (i.e. a wedding date) and time(s) photo coverage of your event or visit OR a date range (i.e. vacation in Savannah from 5/26 – 6/4.)
  • Please describe your group (i.e.  wedding party of 10 with 60 wedding guests; family of 6 ages 3 – adult; convention with 120 participants, etc.)
  • Please include comments about the type of photo coverage you are interested in (i.e. simple portraits, documentary event coverage, formal wedding coverage, product photography, other business photography.)

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