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Savannah, Ga – USA – southern US, historic east coast city.

Spring Flowers in Savannah

Spring flowers captured in the Savannah Botanical Gardens, March to April of 2011 (Azaleas to Roses.)  Note that the venue is available for private events including weddings – while I am sure that there is plenty of color year round, the spring provides exceptional variety in flowering plants with a peak in April (my guess – I will continue to visit to confirm.)

Farm House – Savannah Botanical Gardens

The ~1840’s farmhouse at the Savannah Botanical Gardens is well restored – the site/facility is available for events; the building has two floors and ~8 rooms (kitchen, dining, living, ‘library’ and ~3 other rooms), all ‘restored’ and with modern conveniences (kitchen, A/C, running water, etc.)  The web site provides additional information for rental use.  The garden is open year round during daylight hours and the building is open based on volunteer schedules.  And yes, the garden is a great location to capture some family photos! 🙂