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“If you are normal you won’t know that…”

A comic reference to mastering the seemingly complex features of modern software:

If you are normal you won’t know that…” –

a Quote from Julieanne Kost ( – Adobe product maestro/teacher (Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom) from the free online Video at

We all have areas of expertise and skill – Julieanne Kost shares quite a bit in this online video.  I created some Summary notes from the video – most ‘tips’ below are for Lightroom… This is one of the ways that I retain new information – take notes, then explore; so now I will share a list of topics covered in the video.  I do suggest watching the video for your own take-aways.  🙂

Escalate LIVE is more than a broadcasted photography conference. It’s a highly interactive conversation that will challenge you, inspire you and offer you a chance to change things for you and your business.”

The notes below are from the on-line video captured during the Escalate LIVE Be Boutique event  held October 4–5, 2010.

Workflow used to be Bridge + Photoshop.

Now, Suggested workflow is Lightroom + Photoshop.

Should you use Bridge or Lightroom?

Lightroom – can maintain a database of online/offline files. Bridge cannot. Which one fits your needs?

Single or multiple catalogs? Depends on your needs (and your hardware – IMO/experience small catalogs work well:  easy to archive images and catalogs when you keep them in the same working folders; much faster than using a large/huge catalog – again, in my experience…)

Lightroom 3 – performance should be good in the 2010 version….  Are ‘performance issues’ software or gear related?  Some gear/environment questions:

  • PC optimized for performance?
  • Size of files?
  • Location of images? (network?)
  • enough RAM?, CPU?

If you don’t want to create a monster/master catalog with all images then a suggestion is to  Create a Marketing Folder/Catalog – include the 10 best images from each shoot – you then have a semi-master catalog which can be used for both research and marketing purposes.  (This is what I have been doing…  Every photo gig has it’s own master folder and the Lightroom catalog for that gig is created in this master folder; backing up just one ‘gig’ is very simple – just copy the ‘master folder’ to the backup resource; restoring is just as simple…  Remembering to make the backup is key!)

More Resources

  • Adobe TV resources
  • Nine (9) –  15 minutes videos @ – free

Need custom sort – use a ‘collection’…

Snapshots vs Virtual Copies

  • Virtual Copy – when need separate image treaments
  • provides ability to develop each copy differently (without making a ‘copy’; you are simply creating a ‘recipe’ for that version of an output file…)
  • limit what is saved in snapshots, i.e. just vignettes, just color adjustment, etc.

Perspective corrections (are manual edit) vs lens corrections (which are auto-magic…)

Lens ‘profiles’ –  auto-correction on import

  • reset image that has already been imported
  • enable lens profile correction
  • set as default (future images will be ‘auto-fixed’)


  • flip  – press ‘X’ to ‘flip’
  • custom crop ‘shapes’ (from the menu)


  • Y key – before & after ‘split’
  • drag ‘states’ (history onto image) to ‘apply’ an adjustment
  • double click on slider names to ‘reset’

Photoshop Specific Items

  • Content Aware Fill – Photoshop – Is the image too cluttered – didn’t get the photo you need? CAF provides an automated replacement option that ‘pulls neighboring pixels’ into the area that you want ‘filled’.
  • Puppet Warp – 3d object manipulation – a real WOW type of tool… Need to un-slouch a subject?

Interview with J. Kost

  1. know your tools – there is no ‘instant solution’ – become a ‘master’; play and learn; use personal projects (just for fun OR to learn…)
  2. to master any tool/subject requires an investment – it takes time…

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Beta 3

NOTE – BETA software is typically for testing, evaluating, reviewing – it should not be used for production purposes and probably should not be run on your ‘production pc’…

From the Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 Download page (you must register to download.)

Beta Timeframe
When you install the public beta of Lightroom 3, the software will remain active through April 2010. Once the commercial version of Lightroom 3 has shipped, you will need to uninstall the beta and install the final version.

Lightroom Beta Installers
This download will install the Lightroom 3 beta and will work independently alongside your installation of Lightroom 1 or higher. The beta version is intended to provide an opportunity to give feedback and as such, does not read, upgrade or import catalogs from previous versions of Lightroom. If you currently own Lightroom, please continue to use Lightroom 1 or higher for your primary workflow needs.

What this means (at least for me):

  • I will need to re-import images to try out new features – perhaps there is some sort of copy/import?
  • Hopefully, the BETA will not read/write/tinker with my existing Lightroom 2 data/files.
  • I am guessing that some options may still cause problems (i.e. if you save XMP files from within Lightroom)

On-line videos introducing LRB3 (Julianne Kost) –

Since this is BETA software Adobe declares that it should ONLY be used for TESTING.  To help users understand this many features are semi or non-functional. For instance, if you export to H.264 (video) then you will need to install the latest version of Adobe Media Player (which also requires you to install Adobe Air.)  A partial message from this approach is that the BETA software does NOT provide a good indication of what capabilities will be in the production release – FMC having to download YAP (yet-another-package) is a poor practice.  I do some testing on ‘simple PCs’ which means that the system is configured to run lean & mean (i.e. you don’t know what hardware your end user’s might have and, in most cases, I prefer to create content that is widely distributable (i.e. as simple as needed which = does not require the end-user to download/update/reconfigure/yada-yada-yada…)

In my case I will install the player on the same VM (virtual machine) that I am testing ALB3 on.

Many days have passed since I started this post (Oct, 2009…)

I have used this beta software several times hoping to find a significant difference (i.e. improvement between it and APLR2) – I am not seeing it – could be ‘my type of image’ simply does not benefit from what the BETA offers.  I will re-evaluate when the production release is ready.