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Tybee Island HDR+ Gallery

While I have been exploring high dynamic range (HDR) image editing for a few years I have only recently posted several images on-line.  This image set was captured around dawn in May of 2012.  After ‘normal’ image review/editing HDR editing was applied to each HDR-work-photo-set.  When I was satisfied with the HDR edit then I created virtual copies (using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) and applied some artistic edits.

The Basics of HDR Photography

  1. capture an image set – create multiple images of the same ‘scene’ [tripod use is probably best] while varying the exposure (some cameras provide a ‘bracketing feature’ which simplifies this – you can press the shutter button once and auto-magically capture 1-9+ images [check your camera options]  with auto-magically varied exposures [probably best to use Manual Mode or Aperture Priority Mode] ; you can also manually capture your ‘work-set’) OR
  2. capture a single, high quality (RAW) image and create your own HDR work-set by saving several versions of the same image (could be done via Lightroom by creating ‘virtual copies’; this approach will most likely not provide the same range of data to work with, but it certainly is something worth exploring when you have a single capture that you believe might ‘work’ as an HDR image…)
  3. process the image set using HDR software (i.e. Adobe Photoshop or Open Source tools like: Luminance HDR)
  4. add any final adjustments to the HDR image.

Tybee Island HDR+ Gallery

This Tybee Island art print set includes A/B variations as well as a few A/B variations with my ‘shadow’ removed.  The ‘A’ image is HDR and the ‘B’ image is HDR+ (I applied additional processing/edit to create a watercolor-like image.) The images were captured on the north end of the island (near the jetties and at the Tybee Island Lighthouse.)   While traditional prints are certainly wonderful this particular set of images should be jaw-drop stunning as metallic or acrylic prints (provided that you really like the image.)  🙂

Note – move your mouse over the image below to see the options – including full screen slideshow…







Testing with high/auto ISO settings

I recently attended a local gathering for wedding-related vendors in the newly renovated ballroom at the American Legion (on Bull St, in Savannah.) I set the Nikon D7000 to shutter priority with Auto-ISO enabled (max at ISO 6400.) During editing I created three variations from the original color image so the set contains:

  1. original (color)
  2. B&W conversion
  3. Color fade
  4. Color fade + toning

This was a ‘mixed lighting’ environment (late afternoon daylight + incandescent lights) so I selected the Lightroom default for ‘incandescent’ white balance.

In general, the originals were ‘noisy’ so I applied some ‘noise reduction’ using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  IMO, the B&W images look the ‘best’ with the original color version be acceptable with the exception of the first image (captured at ISO  400 and several stops under-exposed so the tinkering introduced quite a bit of ‘noise’.) The ‘toned’ images present a different ‘look’, especially for the venue. BTW – Jeff Brown (All About You DJs) was manning the sound station.

A PDF slide show includes EXIF information.