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Digital photo editing product from Adobe. Allows photographers to quickly process digital images files, organize files. apply pre-set adjustments, print, create web pages, create PDF slide shows and more – great product!

Digital Photography Books & Resources

  • Digital Photography Books – General digital photography link to Amazon books and merchandise – a good resource for the latest books and gear and software available online.
  • Digital Photography Suggested Reading List:  I found all of the the books below to be quite helpful (simple consumer feedback in action!)  Generally speaking, if you like step-by-step guides then my guess is that any text by Scott Kelby would be a good fit – just make sure that  the text covers the same version of software that you may be using…  If you are into ‘the details’ then Harold  Johnson and the late Bruce Fraser provide a good introduction to the background concepts as well as the evolution of current practices in digital color management and printing.  If you want to explore color adjustments with Photoshop then the books by Dan Margulis are great resources.  For a slightly different view of the creative process then consider the book by Vincent Versace.In many cases the information presented is applicable to newer versions of software, and, it is also common to see updated editions of these books covering the latest versions of the software.  The Digital Photography link above should connect you with many of the current titles.  Many of the authors and titles below provide new/updated versions of the titles below and many create a new book for every version available (so my summaries are probably still adequate for the books listed.)

  1. Professional Photoshop, Author: Dan Margulis.A ‘by the numbers’ approach to color correction.  This is the most opinionated book that I think I have ever read – quite revealing but you may need to read it more than twice!
  2. Photoshop Artistry, Authors:  Barry Hanes, Wendy Crumpler and Seán Duggan.  If you are just getting started with digital photography then this is a great book to get you going.
  3. Photoshop Lab Color, Author:  Dan Margulis.  A detailed exploration of the use of the LAB color space with Photoshop.  [I created some simple online examples (with images from Red Rock Canyon, Nevada) as well as from photographs taken during air travel) using techniques presented in this book.]
  4. Welcome to Oz, Author: Vincent Versace. What’s real got to do with it? This book contains quite a bit of information and techniques for creating both believable and beautiful images. There are a number of simply gorgeous images included.  Note that the approach is described as cinematic – images are carefully crafted using a number of techniques.
  5. The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers, Author: Scott Kelby. A step by step reference for mortals. A great introduction to many often requested or used tasks with Photoshop CS2.  Mr. Kelby has an entertaining approach to his chapter introductions (at least in this book) – you can skip them and jump right to ‘the meat’.  Honest!
  6. Mastering Digital Printing, Author: Harold Johnson.  A detailed introduction and guide for creating exceptional quality digital prints.  If you are extremely lucky then all you will ever do it click ‘print’ – it is more likely that you could benefit from exposure to the information that Mr. Johnson shares in this book.
  7. Real World Color Management, Author: Bruce Fraser. A detailed discussion and guide to establishing good color management practices.  Another great resource for understanding how to work with digital color images.
  8. Real World Camera RAW with Adobe Photoshop CS2, Author: Bruce  Fraser. A detailed discussion focused on the use of RAW image files and workflow automation.
  9. The DAM Book, Author: Peter Krogh. A much needed discussion of digital asset management with many useful suggestions, tips and resources.  If your images have value (or if you value them!) then developing or expanding your understanding of D.A.M. is a no brainer… 🙂
  10. Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers, Author: Martin Evening. A good resource covering many of the ins and outs of using Photoshop CS or CS2.  While the title is similar to the Kelby book this text provides more details.  I also enjoyed the layout of this text.  [Book updated to cover up to CS 4.]
  11. Photoshop CS2 Workflow, Author:  Tim Grey.  This book focuses on using  CS2 with a RAW file workflow.
  12. Image Sharpening with Adobe CS2, Author: Bruce Fraser. A detailed discussion on image sharpening.  Halos are king…

Printing from Photoshop with Epson Printers (PC or Mac)

Having problems getting the right/correct colors when printing from Photoshop? or Adobe Lightroom?

[note – originally posted on  my Photography Services web.]

Digital Inkjet Printing from Photoshop to Epson Printer (PC or Mac) – The
Zany, goofy, eccentric, etc, etc, Dr. Brown explains printing from Photoshop – let
Photoshop manage the Color…  These steps should apply for Photoshop CS2-CS4 as well as to Adobe Lightroom.

Photoshop & Lightroom – Color Printing tutorial with Russell Brown (Adobe)

Quick Summary:

  1. Calibrate your monitor,
  2. download & install the latest drivers for your printer and version of Photoshop,
  3. in the Photoshop print dialog set Photoshop to ‘manage‘ the colors,
  4. in Photoshop print dialog set your ‘profile‘ (i.e. paper type like ‘Epson Premium Luster PK‘), and
  5. in your printer options dialog the printer should be set to ‘no color management’ (in other words, let Photoshop manage the color for the entire process.)

Dr. Brown also demonstrates using Photoshop ‘proofing preview’ (flip a switch and your image will change to ‘look’ like a paper print – typically darker.)  Side note: I set all my photo printer drivers to ‘Preview before Printing‘ – that way I will always see an on-screen preview before anything is sent to the printer.  I have found that (using the color management outlined above) Epson 2200 previews will have a reddish/magenta cast – the prints are fine; my guess is that this is a feature of the print driver.  I suggest that you experiment with small paper (i.e. glossy or matt 4×6 paper that is the same or has similar properties as your desired paper) and then use larger paper when things are working as desired…

More Videos from Adobe and Dr. Brown.

More information on digital inkjet printing – typical problems – double color management.

Due to the number of variables involved in inkjet printing it is quite easy to have printing problems like bad/wrong colors. The variables (things that affect the results OR things that you control) include:

  • software versions (photo editing software as well as operating system and printer drivers) – always use the correct and latest combinations for your environment
  • output medium choices (type of paper in combination with the printer)
  • the settings in your Photo software AND the settings for your printer; if both are set to manage color then expect to have problems; essentially you have to choose between having the Photo editing software control color OR having the printer driver control it – I suggest that you try both.  My experience is that using the approach discussed by Dr. Brown provides the most consistent results.