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The site privacy policies and procedures are subject to change – please review this page for any updates.

All users of this site should be aware of the Privacy Issues that are part of using the Internet or when accessing any web site – there is no such thing as a truly anonymous connection; some vendor along the electronic path has connection details about your surfing or other Internet access, including access via your phone or access in a wifi hotspot.

Web servers record a significant amount of information each time that you access a page. This can include more than what is listed below:

  • how you located the page and which search engine(s) you are using

  • which pages you viewed

  • which type of Operating System you are using or other computer hardware related information

  • which type of Web Browser you may be using

  • the date and time of access

  • what the IP address is of the computer that is being used

The information generated by your access to this site is not directly shared with any third party (i.e. the server log file contents are not shared in any way.) This information is, however, used for site performance, site design reviews, as well as marketing. Note that when you select a link to a third party site that their privacy and terms of use policies may be different from those for this web site (i.e. link to Amazon books or any third party resource web site.) Also note that the privacy policies of third parties on pages that contain third party content may also be different (i.e. any pages with third party advertisements.)

When you create a comment or post a message on this site the information that you provide is stored electronically, and at the discretion of the site own it may be posted for public viewing. If you are sending email to the site owner then please limit the contents of such message to non-personal, request specific, contact information. This site does not use or store sensitive personal information (any stored information that you provide should be of a public nature, i.e. contact information as found in a phonebook.)

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